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I'm serious, guys. Please get your significant other to read this; it is a surprise for you and your reading it will only ruin the sensuous gift in store for you!

Hey, guys, stop now if you're still reading! Okay, are we alone? Here's what you are going to do to drive your man into ecstasy: First, the preparations. Rummage through your hair scrunchies and find the one that is rather soft and a bit long or with a lot of 'give' or buy a new one just for this. Leather ones are probably out as are any ones with clips or any metal edges. Ouch!! Next, find a stocking or one half pair of pantyhose or a scarf to use as a blindfold. It needn't be sexy looking; it's only to make the pleasure more intense and also to keep him from trying to figure out what the heck you're doing down there to his delicate privates! Tasty massage oils are optional. If you really don't like fellatio that much, a tasty lubricant can definitely make this more palatable for you. You may even learn to enjoy it and you know that would be such a turn-on for him. Get ready for bed. Put on the blindfold for him and lead him to the bed. Help him get in and get comfy. He'll probably keep asking what you're doing; just keep reassuring him that you have a pleasant surprise for him. Next, take a soft washcloth and, using warm water placed in a small container. Wet the towel and wring out completely. Gently pick up his penis and stroke toward his body and underneath his testicles. If he protests that he just had a shower, tell him you're just wiping away any loose hairs because you want nothing in the way. Set the water aside. Take the scrunchie and ever-so-gently wrap it, starting with placing it VERY loosely around the testicles and then back up to the top of the shaft, looping the scrunchie until it is fastened securely around his testicles and his, by now, hardening penis. This would be the time to put some drops of flavoured lubricant; let two or three drops trickle from the top to the bottom and underneath. Taking his penis into your mouth, kiss, lick and suck very, very gently, paying attention to his testicles also. The more blood that gets engorged and is somewhat bound by your hair accessory (you'll never look at that thing the same again, will you? Keep alternating the movements, stopping to spend extra time on the places that you know are super-sensitive for him. Or ask--not while you're doing this, but during a sex talk at a later date. Finally, don't forget to push up on the perineum; the feeling is the equivalent of our G-spot. To find it, put your hand behind his shaft and testicles. There will be an area that runs from there back to his anus. The spot you are looking for is midway between the two areas described. Don't be worried you'll not find it or you won't do it right. Practice makes perfect---and, if he can still talk, he might tell you---or show you.So you've gotten to the middle part. Now press up and back firmly. No response? Try varying the area a bit. It's really not that big an area so it's pretty much a 'you can't miss it thing.' Take note of where he groans with pleasure---and with pain and, of course, avoid the latter....unless.....Massaging the perineum is intense even during regular sex; his orgasms will be more intense just as ours are when the clitoris is stroked in just the right way. Tell yourself beforehand, that he may not be able to prevent ejaculation this way, so don't be disappointed if there is no penetration that time, depending on his rebound time. If you have to have penetration, and he may agree, stop when you know you need to stop. You probably know when this is better than he does. If this is the third date, you probably won't know---and shame on you for 'doing it' too soon. Yes, the three date rule has been moved ahead to allow more time to get to know each other. Afterwards, untie the blindfold and let him compliment you, your taste, your sexiness, your everything. Cuddle and fall asleep in each other's arms. And keep the blindfold and scrunchie handy!

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We are a fun loving committed couple looking to try new things. Would like to meet another couple with similar interests for fun and games. Would like to try a partner swap 3-way, orgy, webcam - whatever! We are hot and ready! We meet for a cocktail and prelimenary introductions and then, if all are agreed, exchange partners and then head to a club for some music and dancing! Watching each other, we soon become involved in an intense competition to see which couple can get hotter than the other. Kissing, squeezing, rubbing ourselves into a frenzy - then perhaps sharing a limo (since were probably to horny to drive straight) the four of us retire to a jacuzzi suite and continue our quest for mutual satisfaction ... We went to a club and had sex once, but only with each other. It was a turn on though, to do it in front of strangers! Can't wait to eat you!
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I am a young woman looking for a man to bring me to new heights. I'm willing to exsplore new things with domination. I also want to switch positions and tell you what I like. I like men who know what they want out of a woman and like being ordered around. I am semi new at this and looking for someone with experience. I want to play with toys and other devises of pleasure and pain. I dont mind being tied up or blindfolded. So, if you're my kind of man, light the candles and lets get dirty! I am looking for a dominant man to order me around.

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